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Buyer understands you, just be honest with them

Hello, Fiverr community,
let me share a very personal experience with you all. My Grandfather died yesterday and I have five active orders going on but I needed to come here from my workplace to my birthplace for his funeral, that’s why I won’t be able to work for 1/2 days, I shared my situation with my clients and they all supported me in my situation. They extended the time and said not to worry about it, also supported me mentally which was a big relief for me at that time. I am really grateful to them. So, what I am referring is, to be honest with your client, tell them if any emergencies arise. They are also human beings they will understand your situation.
Thank you.
Happy Freelancing and pray for my grandfather.


Sorry to hear that your Grandfather passed away.
And this is very good way to have your clints trust
by telling them real situation.

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Indeed it is. Thank you.

So sorry for that…may his soul rest in peace.

thank you for that point

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