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Buyer unresponsive before gig is complete?

Hey guys, quick question. I have a gig where I make 3d models and charge $5 per 30 minutes of work. Be fore I start working, I have people pay the initial $5 to start a gig and collect additional payments for time when the project is complete.

Well, I recently finished a job and told a buyer that it’ll be an additional $15 (because I put two hours into the project) before I can send him the completed workfile. The issue is that he hasn’t gotten back to me so I haven’t uploaded the file and thus marked the order as “complete” yet, and the order is ending in a few days. If he doesn’t get back to me, I’ll either have to just give him the full project for $5.00, or let the timer run out on the order and have it reflect badly on me for not completing the order in time.

Sorry if this sounds complicated, but I’m really at a loss at what I should do. Any suggestions?

Before the buyer ordered the gig, was he completely aware that you do the work for $5/30 minutes? Because maybe he was thinking that he can get it for $5 only. It’s difficult to work with the type of pricing you’ve put in.

Don’t let the timer run out and let it reflect badly on you. Just wait a couple of day and until a few hours before deadline or so, if the buyer has not responded, just place a request to cancel the order and place an explanation.

Thanks! He just got back to me and was satisfied with the price and the work, but I need to revise how I do my sales for the reasons you listed.