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Buyer unsatisfied regardless of complete order with explanation

Hi everyone, this is my first post here.
One of my buyers is unsatisfied with his order and sent me a message that is concerning. I am a relatively experienced seller with over 50+ completed projects. Please see the attached screenshot and let me know what Im supposed to do.
I value my rating most and cannot afford a negative review like the buyer mentioned.


It seems your delivery does not meet their requirements.

  1. They claim they want delivery editable.
  2. They claim none of their requirements were implemented in delivery.

Did you understand correctly their requirements?


What advice are you wanting to hear?

Are you claiming your buyer has lied in his message and that you’ve delivered the order as per the gig requirements?

Or you are you acknowledging that you’ve messed up, and your buyer is right to be annoyed?


If the buyer is telling the truth, then you should deliver the completed work with all the requirements fulfilled ASAP.


The niche I work with is automating websites, I did a run again and it seems to be working fine on my end, the buyer is also falling short in communication as well and therefore I do not want him to leave a negative review since you can realise from his tone that where this is going. I have 28 5 Star reviews on this gig with satisfied buyers and I am seeking professional advice to know the right way to go about this scenario

I am not claiming anythin on this forum Sir, I have 28 buyers who have given 5 star review on this gig and I am working on fiverr for almost a year. This happened to be a very unfortunate scenario in which the buyer responded like this out of the blue. I am looking for a professional to guide me a proper way to respond to this buyer so that none of our precious time or reputation is wasted

I believe I did and I also sent them the source code of my program along with the setup file which means they can read and modify it however they like and that source code was the most important thing. Now I want to know how to get out of this since I have already put 26 hours in this work and I am not willing to put more time and still get a negative review on my profile

You have to understand that unless you explain what has happened, it is impossible for anyone to offer any relevant guidance. You are neither admitting or denying the content of the message that your buyer sent you. Therefore it is impossible and indeed totally ridiculous for anyone to participate in this post. Count me out.

I’m no expert in your niche or category. Yet if you are providing the code only, you can try a couple of the options below. However, be aware that these are only suggestions and implement at your own risk.

  1. Make sure your buyer has all the dependencies installed that are required for your bot to run.
  2. Provide super-clear instructions to install the bot on their server.
  3. Offer to install it yourself. It sounds like free work, but it may save you a lot of headache.

Again, these are suggestions only.

Make sure all of your replies are polite and professional at best.

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The only right way to go about this situation is to do the work according to the requirements, to deliver what buyer need, to finish the order. Or cancel it. This situation is clearly your fault, so have the courage to admit your mistake and solve the problem correctly.

You can ask to cancel if you haven’t already.

But otherwise you could try to make sure it works on his machine and that all his requirements are there if they aren’t already.

eg. maybe you could put some logging/error checks in to see why it might not be working on his machine (even though you say it is working on yours) and ask him to send you that log or any errors it shows. Or maybe show him a video or something to show it working. Maybe check he’s installed it correctly and he’s running it correctly. Maybe there’s something different about the machine he’s running it on compared to yours.