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Buyer unsatisfied

hi everyone
i am in buyer came and demanded 4 logos but i gave him 30+ logos and he didn,t response my order and order completed automatically by fiverr. he complained me without any reason and now i can,t withdraw my payment.
what should i do in this situation?
thank you

You can’t withdraw your payment for 14 days until it clears. So I am not sure if I understand you right. Did you communicate with your buyer to see what it was that he did not like, did you offer to make adjustments? You can always cancel the order and offer him a refund, but this is up to you. Good luck.

thank you dear
i don,t want to loss my payment
so i am really worry about that

Personally I wouldn’t have delivered 30 of something if someone asked for 4. Being a buyer and seller I would question whether the quantity of the work somehow affected the quality.

I know this doesn’t answer the question, but I think annai80 has done that already. Keep us posted on the outcome of this. :slight_smile: