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Buyer Used Abusive language

I had just received an order from a ******* Buyer he didn’t even provide the requirements
I warned him that I will report him
Because on my gig it was clearly mentioned that buyer needs to contact me before placing the order and it was mentioned in buyers requirements as well that " Have you contacted or discussed with me about your issue"
But buyer had not contacted me rather he placed the order.After I warned him he used abusive language and sent a Cancelation Request after 10 minutes Fiver CS Cancelled that Order. I have reported that buyer and opened a ticket on CS but is there anything else I can do

Mod Note: Screenshot removed. Please remove the username before reposting.


You will need to remove the reference to the buyer’s country, as well as buyer’s username from the screenshots (it’s still visible in some places). Naming and shaming isn’t allowed on the forum, and neither is mentioning a country or a region in negative context.

For what? Not contacting you first? Buyers don’t have to contact sellers first, Fiverr is designed with the idea that buyers can just place an order.

So, buyer placed an order (which is their right), you threatened to report them, and then the buyer became abusive (in a language many here don’t understand).

Once CS sees that you have threatened the buyer, you might get an account warning.


It’s totally inappropriate for you to include the buyer’s country. Why even do that?

I don’t understand, especially considering that they are from the same country as you are.


From what you described, it sounds like you took the right steps. If you clearly outlined your requirements and submitted the trouble call to Fiverr, I think the best thing to do from this point on is wait it out and trust the system.

Hope this helps! :blush:

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But I had clearly mentioned on my GIG that they contact me first and even Added a question that was part of the requirement And the language that you can’t understand what I did is copied buyers message and paste it on Google Translate and it did a Translation for me which was something that you will say was abusive language and I even forwarded that to CS

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it was by mistake my apologiez

I’m just worried My Order Completion Rate went down coz of that Client

But if Buyer is placing an order he should be reading the description of my GIG what I’m offering to him, right and even after placing the order he should answer the requirements question right ?

He should. However, buyers are not obliged to contact you before ordering.

He should. However, threatening to report them to CS because they haven’t answered requirement questions yet is not allowed. Threats are not allowed.

I’m sorry you got into this situation, we all hate it when buyers start the order without providing us with the necessary information, but threatening the buyer could get you into trouble.


I have an open Ticket now What should I do? how Can I close that Ticket coz Fiver CS takes Days to respond

I suppose that you could mark the issue as solved (that would close the ticket), but there’s no guarantee that nobody would see that ticket at some point. Plus there’s the issue of the buyer using abusive language, which isn’t allowed, and CS might do something about that.

I’m really not sure what would be the best thing to do now.

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I think I should Go with it I have Reported the Buyer as well Other then the Ticket if I’m wrong they Can warn but he is definitely wrong there is no other option for me

But I won’t let him get away like this

Buyers are not obliged or meant to contact you before placing order. Did the buyer ordered anything that you couldnt offer?


But I had mentioned to contact me before placing the order and it was in the requirement as well but Buyer didn’t provide anything at all

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Whatever as a seller you need to be modest. Maybe you could ask and get the requirements after accepting the order. You have the option to send notification to the buyer to meet your requirements.
My Tips:

  • Never ever threat any buyer or use offensive words being rude.
  • Don’t loose buyers like this. Who knows he/she could be your Game Changing Buyer!!

See he just Sent me these messages from other Account I know he’s the same guy now what to do?

Look that is the Same Person but now he is using a Different Account
asking me Why haven’t I had Cancelled the order and also saying to me that did I enjoy what he did

Your completion rate will go down. Any cancelled order regardless of fault will affect your stats.

The reality is that you can advise buyer’s to contact you first, but they don’t have to.

You can’t then start warning buyer’s about something they were perfectly entitled to do in the first place.


If you’re certain it’s him, you can update the ticket you’ve already submitted and add the screenshots/new information.