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Buyer used my service here to defame me

Hi guys, I hope you are doing well.

Sometime ago, a buyer booked me to make a video to one of his “songs”. I delivered it and it got a decent amount of views and likes. This week I found out that he is a popular youtuber and he published my tiktok vid stating that he paid me to make him tiktok famous, which is not true. Nowhere in my gigs it says that can guarantee any amount of views, likes, impressions or that i can make anyone famous.

He has used my service here to defame and cyberbully me, I’m getting negative backlash and even being flagged as a scammer, even though I did everything I asked.

What can anyone advice me to do in a case like this?

This is his video:

And this is my Gig:******

Thank you for your feedback.

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You really need to get in touch with Customer Support about this.


The funny thing is that in this video, the Youtuber arranges free work off-Fiverr with a Fiverr seller/TikTok influencer.

I can see why you are Tik-ed off about this. I don’t like shouty Vitamin-D deficient teenagers at the best of times. Having one be shouty about me on YouTube would put me right off my cornflakes.

If I was you, I would flag the video for copyright and/or data privacy purposes. Unless this person explicitly told you that your identity would feature in this video, you have a strong case for having your privacy violated and/or defamation.

You can also go to the YouTubers about page, find their email address and use that to pursue legal action if you want. However, that would be very cumbersome and expensive.

It is also interesting how this person has disabled comments on their video. Usually, this only happens when people expect criticism. i.e They know they did something a bit naughty.

You might also want to fight fire with fire and publish a response on social media.

I’m sorry this happened to you. However, I think reporting this video to YT for invading your privacy is the best way to go.


Weird that your client turned off comments on his video. What is he afraid of?

I had to skip to the part where he talks about you, apparently he’s bothered because he had to order a $100 gig extra.

With that said, what negative backlash are you getting? Are people actually messaging you? Are they reporting you? If I wasn’t on the forum, I would have a very hard time finding your gig. I would have to pause the video, search your name, etc. That’s hard work for the average person online.

Personally, I think you should feel honored. Some big shot YouTube celebrity with 551K subscribers decided to talk about you!

Think about that, he could have talked about anyone, anything, but you got to him, you’re living rent free in his head.

I’ve had thousands of clients, some have hated my work, yet I have no idea if there’s a YouTuber complaining about me. If there was, I would share it on my Facebook page.

Remember, there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

It’s better to be talked about than not to be talked about.

Your future clients will see your wonderful reviews and the qualify of your service. They won’t care about some YouTuber that’s too much of a chicken to allow comments.


Thank you for the advice. I petitioned for the vid to be taken down under grounds of invasion of privacy.


I’m getting a lot of bad rep on tiktok, moreso from his followers. I’m also running for Miss Jetset contest and I know they wouldn’t like it if this got out of hand, they could disqualify me.

Also the extra was $50.00, he wanted extra work done and the gig performed exactly as per his specifications. It was all a set up since the beginning.

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In this case, you may need to pull out the big guns.

Call him out directly for misrepresenting your business. Point out how very un-woke it is to do that and make fun of people making a living online at the expense of ruining their livelihoods. For all this person knows, you are paying your own way through uni, or are using Fiverr to pay medical bills, etc.

His followers are outraged that their fav Youtuber had to pay you $100 for your time. Yet, I doubt he would make a video like this if not to get some juicy ad revenue, merch, or Famebit kickback.

All that said, it is situations like this which is why I stay off social media.


I’m sorry to hear that.

I don’t think Miss Jetset is going to care that some YouTube celebrity didn’t like you, besides, it’s the public that votes for the models and you already have over 100k fans.

He has Amazon Affiliates, I clicked on his links, some of the stuff he’s selling has been discontinued, one item had 3 star reviews.

He’s a good looking guy with an appealing voice and personality, but there’s a million more like him on YouTube.

Question, what is famebit kickback?

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The problem is, the OP sells gigs targeted at Tik Tok users. This video is turning them users against her on the basis of an explicit falsehood.

In this case, there are limits to the old Oscar Wilde adage of, "It’s better to be talked about than not to be talked about."


Famebit is a marketplace for YT influencers where brands connect with and pay them to create YT videos about them. Pretty much any brand you have heard of uses it, including Fiverr.


Their 10% service fee is very fair for both clients and influencers. Question, I don’t have a YouTube channel but I have a blog, could I qualify as an influencer? My blog gets around 33,000 visitors a month.

This is something you would have to ask them…