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Buyer used offensive language. CS just DELETED his message!


[details=First Instance]This guy contacted me when I was starting on fiverr in Oct. 2016 for a video.
I followed the forum tip of providing stuff for lower when you start.
He contacted me and said he wanted a video with VO and his budget is just $5.
It was too low by any standard. I asked for more and the final price he agreed upon was $8.
I was in need of initial reviews. So, I delivered him the video for just $8. He never reviewed that video. :smiley:
After a week, he again contacted me with the same task. This time he put a nice review.[/details]

[details=Second Instance]After a month, He again contacted me for a video and asked for the delivery within 2 hours and offered me $5. I was shocked by his CONFIDENCE. I told him that it would cost about $100 for such a short time frame. He shamelessly offered me $10 and reminded me how he helped me to get a “head start” on fiverr with his 5-star review.
I requested for at least $20 and 24-hour time frame. He settled for $15. I sent him a $15 custom offer and asked him to accept it to get started.
He sent this “This is not our first project together, continue the job I will accept ur offer after the delivery”

I instantly withdrew the custom offer. After about 2 hours he started a stream of messages asking about the status of work. I reported his messages for spamming.[/details]

[details=Final Instance]A few days ago, he contacted me again (he was still reported) for yet another urgent video.
Asked me to do it for $5.
I told him $50 with a 7 day delivery.(just to get rid of him)
He lost all his Nigerian calm and started abusing me with some racist comments.
I didn’t reply and reported him to the CS.

I was regularly checking if he was blocked for it.
NO, he wasn’t. but WHY ?
because he was not featured on a PDP video!

What did CS do? They deleted his messages which contained abusive words.

Job Well Done CS![/details]


Just report him to CS if he bothers you again and refuse to engage with him. Simple.


Hello @shubh2012 , Hello @emmaki!

Actually Shubh had reported to CS, He Wrote in second instance. The CS team should message both the ways like Buyer should be Suspended for 1 week and seller (If he/she is clear and have not any guilty) can have just a message like “The Buyer (Who messaged shubh) is suspended for 1 week because of using abusive language.” It’s final for Seller.

I have also experienced the situation written above. Btw, I don’t have these much, Buyer rated me negative even if I delivered right stuff. The Help Desk just messaged me, " We can’t change review, Best of luck for next time". This is awful.

With Regards,


My point is that this was a dreadful buyer in each instance, and I would have simply not worked with him at all. I’m sure CS is looking into the abuse and will take action of some sort, but they’re not going to reveal what. There isn’t any actual need to know what happens to them. They’re an arsehole, so report them and forget about them. Rinse and repeat until they give up.


As for your negative review, just imgur them and use screenshots to show in your review that the buyer is a bad one and lying. This shows prospective buyers that this bad review is nonsense and shouldn’t be read.

However, this will not work in your case, as the 3.5 review seems fairly normal to me (if it is truthful), and it is also not, technically speaking, a negative review: My order arrived a little bit over deadline, and another website which checked the translations for me did find a few errors. But most of the text seemed to be translated into Hindi very well.

The key in both of these solutions is taking control of bad situations and not letting the buyer dictate how everything’s going to be. That’s all. But if you were a little bit late with the delivery and there were some errors, then…why should CS remove it?


Their rationale behind deleting it was probably to protect you from the abuses. I mean, you complained, so they will have to act on it, right?

Wassup with the extreme markdown in prices? From ‘at least 100$’ straight to 15$. This is where the problem primarily started. If you allow the other person to convince you that you are worth much less than you are, then you have already lost the plot.

Please consider the fact that a seller on Fiverr has to spend an average of at least an hour doing consultation for a custom job,

pay 20% to Fiverr if you get the job,

then wait 3 days for the order to be marked as done,

then hope that the buyer does not try to pull of a refund by pretending to be unhappy with the order,

then hope that they don’t give a 2 star rating,

then wait 14 days for the funds to clear, once they are sent to your Paypal,

then Paypal takes 10%,

once it is wired to your bank the government takes 20%.

Then there’s the price of the software, hardware and electricity.

After all of this, does your pricing break even for the kind of custom work that you do? (A typical 5$ gig is worth 2.30$ in the seller’s hands. More than 50% attrition rate)

Might I recommend that you set an hourly threshold and never go below it, even at the cost of forfeiting a few buyers? You will have 40% less sales by numbers but the revenue from the remaining 60% sales will make up for it, and the piece of mind is unparalleled.

There is very little CS can do about it, and they are candid enough to admit it themselves.

First message from CS : “we take our seller’s revenues seriously”

Fifth message from CS : “unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about it”

We will have to manage it on our own. The forum has at lest 6 threads on the homepage right now from sellers who have faced a chargeback.

Instead of telling him that delivering within 24 hours implies express delivery which will cost him extra, you let him convince you that since it is being delivered in a quick time frame, it must be an easy hackjob which deserves less than minimum wage.

Kya bhai!

Check out these threads, they have potential solutions to your problems :


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EDIT: it’s OK, you can self-delete afterwards.