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Buyer used tip as incentive but then never left one

I know that this is not really a big issue and of course a buyer is never obligated to leave a tip, but I had this experience yesterday and it did bug me so I just have to rant about it for a bit :slight_smile:

A buyer contacted me yesterday with a fairly small project. I was honest and said I already had quite a few deadlines and asked if it was OK with delivery the following day. He said that it was but that if I delivered within 5 hours there would be a tip. I took him up on that :smiley:

Of course I wouldn’t fail my other customers just for this so I still met all other deadlines on top of this new order, which took about an hour to complete. Those who “suffered” were my family as dinner was not ready the way it usually would be when they returned home and the extra work time I put in for this buyer came out of family time in the evening. They know that I work irregular hours so no big deal. We’re also talking about a one hour gig so the tip would likely not have been more than $5-10 anyway, it’s not about the money either. I simply enjoyed getting an incentive to work longer and harder that day :smiley:

But then he never paid. There is no way he forgot, because we joked and talked about the tip earlier when he offered it and I took him up on it. He left a review and was happy with my work. I would never remind a buyer or ask them to leave a tip so of course I didn’t say anything (I hope he’s not here on the Forum :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Bottom line, despite no hard feelings from my family and me not caring about the money, this really bothered me because I sacrificed something based on a promise and the promise was never delivered.


The second they say: “I have a lot more projects coming up” or “I’ll leave a generous tip”, it’s not happening. :slight_smile: It’s like a law or something. Just smile and send them an extra for the aforementioned amount next time.


I’ve found that people are generally sincere when they say those things :slight_smile: But yeah, in the future I will prioritize differently and maybe not go for the tip at all.

Never believe them when they say that. You should have sent an offer for extra fast delivery.

Five hours? That’s ridiculous anyway. 24 hours should be the minimum for anything.

All it does is show desperation. It’s degrading.


I just find it suspicious when I’m promised a tip before delivering the work. I can deliver something they won’t like, a bunch of issues can come up when working on the project. It’s just backwards. Also, it’s very convenient that tipping completely optional when with the extra you have to actually buy it to recieve extra service.