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Buyer uses more revisions than the CUSTOM offer provide


Hello everyone

I have a strange thing, i provided a CUSTOM logo gig to a buyer which includes ONLY 2 revisions for 5$ …
So far the buyer requested more than 4 changes in the same order without paying anything ?! how is that !

I offered 2 revisions and he used 4 ! can you please tell me what can i do ?


Say to the buyer:

I would like to gently remind you this includes only 2 revisions. I have now done 4.
If you would like more please place another order.


Thank you for quick respond, i will tell the buyer but how he did that ?


There is nothing to stop buyers from hitting the request button as many times as they wish. I think this is because even if you offer 0 free revisions, a buyer should still be able to use it if you send an empty delivery or a completely inaccurate delivery.

If you delivered exactly as you promised, then it is fine to politely remind the buyer that revisions are extra. If you made a mistake or misunderstood anything and didn’t deliver according to your description (though perhaps by accident) then it is usually best to go ahead and revise accordingly.


Oh, Ok, Thanks for clearing this to me :slight_smile:


Just another way that sellers are taken advantage of here. Buyers can go through the dispute resolution process if there’s an issue and are never under any obligation to purchase the product. There’s absolutely no reason the buyer should be able to request endless revisions. No matter how politely we refuse to continue adding to their order for free, our reviews will be affected because we’re not completely satisfying the buyer’s request. It shouldn’t be allowed.