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Buyer Uses Racial, Vulgar and Insults in communicating with me

Hi freelancers (SELLERS),
I have this buyer that bought my gig. I had finished before completion time and he asked for more modifications. He later accepted the second modification. He then asked for a little of modification over and over. I made over 20+ modifications the right way, but the buyer did not accept .
Within our conversations, he made use of insulting, Vulgar and Racist comments to me.
He later sent a cancel order request, but I declined.
Please I need to know if when I agree to cancel the order, He will be able to put a review in my profile???

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Hi If you are confident that you had delivered what you had been asked for to do. You do not need to offer more free revisions, and contact CS regarding his bad behaviour. They can solve the issue and if they find that delivery was perfect then they can even mark the order complete and save you from a bad review too.


thanks a great deal man. I will do just that

Unacceptable! Abuse should never be tolerated. Please take a screenshot of the abuse and send it to CS.

If you’ve completed the order as per your gig offering do not cancel. You deserved to get PAID! Sure, the Buyer can retaliate and leave a neg, but who cares, most of us have had a crappy review at some point and it’s unavoidable.


As @nikavoice said, they can leave a negative review but you can :bomb: them out of the :ocean: with your review that tells the truth. Buyers do not see your counter review if they do not go to your gig to look. Plus they cannot change their review unless you agree.