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Buyer using my work before order completion

I’ve been developing a brand identity for a buyer for quite some time now. He really likes it, but asked for 3 adjustments/revisions, which is fine. Until a week ago.

He asked for a 4th revision, but the revision had no instructions, just: I will contact you again with new comments. I’m still waiting for the comments.

In the meantime, I’ve found out he’s already using my branding files from earlier revisions. Even though the order isn’t completed yet/I haven’t received any transaction yet.

He doesn’t seem like a bad buyer though. I’m sure he’s just a little impatient/enthusiastic. He has great reviews from other sellers. I’m not quite sure what to do now… I already sent him a reminder to send me the feedback.

Either way, I’m not okay with him already using the files and I don’t really know how to communicate this properly to him.


you can contact with fiverr help center…

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Okay… I’ve just been digging a little bit more. Just found out he’s been continuing his order with another seller. That’s not okay, that hurts :frowning: I put in a lot of time and effort into his brand identity and I’m starting to think he’s going to betray me.

Just wait. If buyer doesn’t take any revision, order will complete within next 3 days.

No, that’s the problem. He did take the revision. But he gave me no instructions/feedback with it, so I can’t continue the order.

No worries, still your order will auto complete within next 3 days if the buyer doesn’t take revision. The 3 days calculate from every start of revision time.

I have a same problem .

I just decided to open up a support ticket for my problem. What kind of problem do you have? Someone using your work before completing the order, or not giving revision instructions? Or perhaps both.