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Buyer using video purchased as spam?


Hi! I need some advice fellow fiverrers!

I sell videos on Fiverr and someone is using (part of) a video and my photos to spam almost half a million people on Instagram. I expect the videos to be sent to people for advertising purposes, but if they are impersonating me and spamming people is there a way to have the videos/images removed? Has anyone encountered this issue before?

I would really appreciate your input!



this is because of you

I see in your gig not to mention copyright and regulations to use your video products


Reply to @bachas85: Thanks for your advice! I reported the spam and I’m trying to report the impersonation accounts to Instagram. Their site crashes every time I hit submit. :-/


I will report to instagram with my 5 instagram id’s if you want .


Reply to @jaynesays: I’ve been tagged countless times so far to a SPAM account showing your video, and even though I report it every time, another one is made a few days later. I doubt there’s anything that can be done about it though. Just keep reporting, and hoping they get bored and stop.


Reply to @jaynesays: Be sure to email without outside the app - you can file a DMCA copyright notice and they must legally respond in a set amount of days. They will have to take down the photo (if it’s yours) or you can sue them. Impersonation is a violation of Instagrams TOS so their account will be banned as well.



A week after reporting the video as spam, contacting the buyer to (nicely) ask them to remove the video, and submitting an impersonation report to Instagram…the video has been removed! The separate account that was impersonating me has also been deleted. Thanks for your help!