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Buyer vanished in thin air

So, I got this custom order from “buyer requests”.
I delivered on time and everything was going smoothly, but buyer never accepted my deliver. The order was marked as completed in 3 days, I was unable to leave a feedback (but I read that it’s normal). Scrolling the forum, I found some valuable advice to what to do with this silent buyer. So I wrote to him but I never wrote back. No messages, no feedback, nothing. But he come online often, so I don’t really know what to think/to do.


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Some buyers never leave feedback, and that is completely fine. It is up to them after all. Just be aware that you cannot ask a buyer to leave a review as it is against Fiverr’s Terms of Service. Besides, Fiverr already reminds the buyer to leave a review twice.

Also, you can only leave a review for a buyer after they have left one for you.


Why would you do that? You got paid.

You’re just harassing him. He doesn’t owe you a response and it’s super inappropriate to contact him to inquire about the order. So unprofessional and rude and it serves no purpose unless you are trying to manipulate him into reviewing you.

If I bought something on Fiverr and the seller did this to me I’d file a harassment complaint with CS

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Thanks. I actually didn’t ask for a review, but I asked if everything was fine with the order. Still, no answer. I assume I should say “goodbye” to this buyer


Obviously if it wasn’t fine the buyer would contact you.

Why would they accept something (via automatic)/not seek revisions if that wasn’t fine? You’re obviously trying to pressure him into giving you feedback.

I think “harassing him” is really too much. I just asked if everything was fine and then left him alone. I’m not stalking him in the night, come on.

However, I’ll take note of this thought and never do that again.

Update: I read your new message, and I can assure you, I’m NOT pressuring him. I was just worried about the order. That’s all.

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I already “left him alone”. I understand your point of view and it’s clear I made a mistake contacting him to ask about the order. I got it, my fault.

But it seems to me you’re pushing too hard and too far, I don’t have an “agenda” or something like that.
You’re picturing me as a greed seller, hungry for reviews but that’s not the truth. I made a mistake, that I will not repeat again.

And I respect your thoughts, I came here for opinions.

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Some buyer never accept “GOODBYE” :laughing:

Some buyers don’t know that an order gets ‘marked as complete’ automatically … when they see this they sometimes get angry thinking that a seller marked his order as complete . Although I agree with you than in most cases it’s not necessary to contact the buyer if the order gets marked as complete , I usually send them a message that sounds likes this

( Hi there. I haven’t heard from you and the order got automatically marked as complete. If you ever need any kind of revisions you can let me know and I will respond as soon as I can ) . They are in 99% of the cases pleased that I informed them about that.


Being a Seller on Fiverr also means accepting the fact that you may not get any feedback from Buyers at all. It is that simple and that’s all you need to know.

This is very different from office work. You can ask the boss in person…

Makes no sense to me to think about what could be the reason for not leaving the feedback as there is countless number of reasons possible.

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Indeed, I’m learning this lesson now.