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Buyer vanished off

I got an order of audio transcription from a buyer. The buyer accepted my custom offer and told me that he will send the audio. After multiple reminders he sent me a web link of Microsoft Stream, which can not be viewed by public as Microsoft Stream do not allow one’s organizational video/audio to be shared by public. In that case, I was unable to view that audio to be transcript.
I asked the buyer to send me audio directly or by some other link so that I can start off with my work but he continuously not replying. I send him multiple reminders but he is not replying.
There are only 2 hours and 30 minutes are left in my order to be finished but buyer did not provide my requirements.
Looking for urgent help.
Regardsstrong text

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Personally I’d cancel the order, but some people would avoid canceling, as it seems it can affect you gig placement. I care very little about my gig placement and I don’t think some buyers are worth the headache so I’d cancel the order.

This order will most likely go late, which will affect your 'on time" rate, I believe if it goes late for over 24h, then the buyer can cancel the order unilaterally and you’d be given an automated 1 star review from the system.

You can also contact Customer Support (, but with their current response times is very unlikely you’d get a solution for this before it’s too late.

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Thanks for your response. But one thing I want to add that I’m new as freelancer and it was my 1st order… Canceling my first ever order isn’t it bad for my profile?

I’m not sure if a cancelled order affects more a new seller or not, but at this point what other options do you have?