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Buyer - Virus sender


Hi, everyone! I want to warn you about buyer (fiverr doesn’t allow type his name)

He or she sent me compressed folder with a sample reference work as he/she said. When I opened a folder my antivirus gone crazy and my hardware was crushed. So I spent 2 days trying to fix my hardware and a lot of my works lost forever.

Be aware from suspect folders and messages!


Please report user to customer service.

You need to edit your post and remove buyer’s name, as calling out users is not allowed.


What type of file did he send you, an .exe file?


Hmm I recently got a message from a buyer saying something like “Can you review the attached file for our requirements bullets and budget?” With a .doc attached. I responded something like “Can you please paste the contents here, there have been some viruses going around on attached files, so I just want to be extra careful.” Never heard a peep back. I wonder if I should report or not. I could open up one of my VMs and download the file there and upload to virustotal though.


I was faced this same problems


Yes, it was exe file with PDF icon. I didn’t pay attention for file’s extension and tried to open it…