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Buyer waited for three days and when gigs was about to auto complete,clicked on request MODIFICATION

buyer have problem with me and

Buyer waited for three days and when gigs was about to auto complete,clicked on request MODIFICATION

and do this again with a question and …

what can i do with this?

Is he asking you to fix something in his order? As a general rule with modifications, you should try your best to make the requested change in order to make the buyer happy with the order. If the buyer is simply stalling (ie. not actually requesting a modification to the order) in the hopes that you’ll cancel the order, you can make a ticket with Customer Support. If the buyer is requesting additional work that wasn’t included in the original order, ask him or her to buy a gig extra or start a new order.

no there is no midification he is just make Excuses
i think he get model 3d and want money too!!! and do this and hopes that i’ll cancel the order

and he dont want modify that day he waited for three days and when gigs was about to auto complete,clicked on request MODIFICATION and say something ( like question or can you do this? )

Tell your buyer to message you in the inbox and give a link too. Also, politely tell him that what he is doing i.e. clicking on Modification again and again is called abusing modification button for personal taste and is against fiverr’s ToS.

Sometimes they do this unknowingly. I was in exactly same situation few days back, once I explained buyer contacted me in inbox and left a good rating as well. Remember to be polite as most of the buyers are new and think it is a way to contact.

Had a similar experience but buyer tipped me later and said sorry in her review.
She was a bit confused or something but i fulfilled all of her demands!

please ask to your buyer politely not to cancel it again and again. Ask him if he need any extra work.

It can happen, I had a bad seller lately that did the same thing, she or he request a modification just one hour before the deadline, of course she or he wanted free work!
There is nothing you can do if someone wants free work from you, customer care will not help also.

Last month I face the same issue. It was quite a good amount. But when the work is done he refused to accept it. But I started the work showing him a demo of my work and also he confirmed me that. When the work is finished he making issues that was not actually correct and send me a cancel request. In that time I contacted with fiverr support. But they replied me lately and I rejected the cancel request. Buyer agreed that he’ll let me do it. But after 4-5hours he snatched the admin panel access. I tried to contact him for 10 days but he didn’t reply anything. In those days fiverr give me some support that might help. But at the last they asked me to wait 1 more day. I waited and contact them and say them buyer didn’t reply till now. Then they ask for permission to go ahead to take their steps. I told them to do so. After that within 30 minutes I got a mail that buyer filed a dispute. I was just out of mind. Because It was a hard work of 4 days. Whole day I worked in those days. Can’t express that moment. As I’m new in here I don’t know about this. Whatever after 15 minutes fiverr support told me that buyer filed a dispute. They have nothing to do. It’s the function of paypal or something else.
Then I tried to contact the buyer and noticed that he was restricted from fiverr. I don’t know what they have done. As the fiverr tos buyer can’t get back their money back from fiverr without buying service.
Actually they give priority to buyers not sellers. We always facing this type of problem but no solution. Some how you have faults. So try to mutual if not possible simply send them cancel request and thought that you have donate a beggar who tries to take free services.

Its my painful experience. Oh!! One thing. That Buyer is using my work on his site without any modification and I have nothing to do.

So forget them. Cancel this and start a fresh. I think if you give him/her more time like me it may make you disappoint like me. SO I’ll suggest you to start fresh. Let them happy with the free.

Thanks for reading. :))

Reply to @sajjadtiger: Dealt such kind of buyers a lot. They will make lame excuses,want you to do again and again the work,give you negative feedback even though the work is perfect! You have to deal with this situation. That’s why fiverr customer support exists. Let them know,make a ticket,ask for help over there. Thank you. Wish you a good luck.