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Buyer wanna change the order ammount

my deal with buyer 90$ where he was gave me 40$ extra …but now he want 40$ back from this order ?? please tell me is it possible to give him 5\40$ back and replace the order amount 50$!? tell me how?


Hi, you can cancel the order and get new order at $50

it will create a bad impact for my account and my account rank will down

Hmm right you are, It will make an affect on project completion rate. But you know, client satisfaction is 1st priority for a good seller.

i want to know that if there any way to give him the extra charge back or replace the order ammount!!

Extra chargeback? What does that refer to?
I believe you are only left with cancelling this order and start a New one.
If it really has something worth doing “Extra” for “Extra 40$”, then you must explain your point, that why did you charge them extra at first place.

If you really want to refund that price, i believe you should contact Support, but in both the cases Cancellation will probably be your last resort.

No there is no way to change the order amount. Nor should you want to or try to do that. Once they pay that’s it, the end of all negotiations or mentions of price.

Tell him the price can’t be changed and you both will keep to the agreement. Do not engage in discussions about changing the price after that.


there is no way to decrease a ticking order amount.
you can take some screenshots on conversation and send to fiverr CS.
request them to cancel the order without decreasing order completion rate and tell your buyer to place a usd 50 new order.
talk to your buyer first about new order. include your buyer’s opinion about the new order in a screenshot.

if i take screenshot and send to support ,are they cancel the order without decreasing order completion rate ??? are you sure?

i did few months ago. my buyer was agreed to place a new order. it worked. i just shared my experience here. i am not advising you to do or not to do the same thing i did.

You are right. Don’t go misbehave with clients. We should discussion using our order page. Don’t share/ discussion any mail or social media. As a result, both part will gain.

im completely agree with @misscrystal

if you and your client both agreed on proposal and client gives you $40 extra while looking at the scope of work. then he should not ask that amount back.

not understand…explain please

i am sure that the buyer will order againn.but i am confuse about custome support ! are they wont decrease the level rate!

Follow the steps of @veniceart hope it will work for you @mjdediting

Because they have no way of giving partial refund. It’s a full transaction and only full amount transaction can be reversed.

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