Buyer Want A refund For An Extra That He Ordered Twice By Mistake


Hi there guys, I have done a video for a buyer who ordered an extra twice by mistake after I delivered the final order(Full HD 1080p extra), now he asks for a refund of that 1080p, I told him to order again without that extra and I will refund him the order or he can use that extra to add more to the video,he refused both options and sent me a cancellation dispute for the whole order just to get that extra back,I can’t just trust him that he will order again,I think he should order first,but he refused.

What do you think I should do in this case? did someone had a similar problem?


Customer Support usually recommends what you have tried to do: the buyer should place a new order for the correct amount, and it’s only then that the seller refunds the previous order.


I suggest you to refund, better than having a bad review.