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Buyer want a revision after the delivery has completed automatically.What should I do?(Answered)

Hello everyone.
I am having an issue. I have recently delivered an order which was automatically accepted. Before delivery and after delivery I have tried to contact buyer if he/she needs any revisions, but I didn’t get any reply. After delivery was accepted automatically buyer sent me a message to provide revision. Now I don’t have any option to redeliver again. I have explained the situation to the buyer.But buyer is asking me to refund and he/she will order me again.
What should I do now?

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Just tell them you’ll do a revision and send it via the inbox.


You should do it! Make every client happy and gain them as a long term business!

Afterall they are the reason you are earning! Till the time revisions are not hurting your pocket you can revise them and if it requires cost, then you can ask them calmly and softly for extra’s. But they should understand why it requires extra to get done!

Hope this helps


hey @explainicks thanks for your suggestion. I did it sent him the files.Actually i was confused which way should i use to send him the edited files again. Accomplished his task he left smiling.


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thats great to hear :slight_smile: best of luck buddy

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I do 30 percent of revisions after completing of job and inbox revised work. This makes your client happy and helps to build a long term professional relationship with your client. I also deliver some of works even without it has been ordered and purchased. After inbox the work and revisions if they are happy with the final delivery I send them invoice. It can be risky with new buyer but with a repeated buyer you trust for a long time you can take risk. In my case this way of work always executed successfully and made my client happy.

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Thanks again buddy. :wink:

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Thanks @tarique_jsr for sharing your experience.I would practice this for my clients too. It was pleasure to hear fromfrom you.Thanks.

You can send him/her a message. :slight_smile:

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