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Buyer want cancel order after i delivered

hi , i have a problem with a buyer i dilevred my work and he tell me to cancel the order but i can’t because i work on it 2days non stop and he tell me if i don’t accept the cancel he will do a bad review ?
please help me with any solution you have


That’s how it works working with clients, you can get paid for your work and get a bad review or just cancel an order
There is no other magic solution.


Yes, in practice this happens. But let’s be fair to @fouadbihmidn and let’s assume he’s done a good job, and is here for help because he genuinely feels like he’s being scammed after investing two days of his time.

@fouadbihmidn, if you are confident that you have done the job described in your gig, and your work meets the requirements of the buyer’s original job description - then you can report the buyer to customer services.

If you can demonstrate to CS that your buyer is threatening to leave a bad review, then CS should take this seriously and based on your post in this forum, I would suggest that you would win.


:woman_shrugging: Fiverr customer support can’t force buyers to complete an order. They might give buyer a warning but him and his client still will have to find a consensus so buyer could mark order as complete and there is still no guarantees that he will leave good review after not being satiated at all. So OP still most likely will be left with bad review if he will choose that path.

I can only speak from personal experience, but I had a very similar case that I have referenced in these forums before…

I carried out the work in accordance with the gig description and the additional client instructions. I invested my time, did my usual good job, and delivered the order.

The buyer then requested a mutual cancellation. I refused and I explained why it wasn’t appropriate to agree to a cancellation. They then threatened to leave negative feedback, I still refused, and so it went on over 24 hours. Eventually they did leave negative feedback which included an accusation of me being a scammer.

At this point I went to customer support with my evidence that I had completed the job to specification and that the buyer had threatened to leave bad feedback.

I not only kept my money but Fiverr removed the negative feedback as they could see the buyer had threatened to do so unless I agreed to a cancellation.

My point is that if you can prove that a client has used threatening behaviour, then in my experience that is enough for customer support to listen and take action.


That’s the difference :point_up_2:
Your order was already completed and review was against fiverr TOS.

fiverr can’t do anything until the order is open. In all this time on the forum I haven’t heard any cases that fiverr support closed an open order when buyer was blackmailing.
But we saw a lot of cases here like yours when the order was completed, feedback left by buyer and removed by CS if there was blackmailing involved

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That’s fair enough! The wider point that I was wanting to make is that there is hope.

As sellers, we shouldn’t have to accept being forced into losing our time and money just because someone is wanting to scam us.

In my experience, Fiverr customer support do listen and review cases.


Wao, thanks for the knowledge :+1: its good to hear that.

@english_voice Hi. Buyer didn’t give me enough information to start & finish the project now after 2 days he come back again & want to cancel the order but I want keep my account safe from cancellation rate because It’s already 90%. Should I accept the dispute or decline ? Thanks

This a very good experience to share :slight_smile:
Thank you so much @english_voice