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Buyer want me to deliver work before the final delivery

I currently have a order for about $1400 where I will write 25 articles. The buyer asked me to send him each article as i finish it. Is there any risk to delivering work before the final delivery? Can I get trouble if he cancels the order after I have already sendt him a lot of work? What should I do about this, just give them to him?

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You’re only allowed to use “Deliver Now” button if you’re sending completed work, otherwise it’s a ToS violation, and you could get an account warning or get banned from Fiverr.

If you’re simply sending attachments, without using “Deliver Now” button, the system doesn’t recognize it as a delivery, plus the buyer can wait until you send him the majority of articles, and then find an excuse to cancel the order. That would mean that you have worked for free.

You could have used the milestone feature (for example, a milestone for every two articles). I’m not sure what you can do now, other than inform your buyer that that’s not how Fiverr is meant to work. Perhaps you can ask Customer Support for advice (that way, you’d also alert them of the situation, so they already know what’s going on if there’s trouble)?