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Buyer want Modify review


Sometime buyer put bad review mistakenly but next want to modify it and fiverr limit this request so now in future if this happen what’s need tot do ?


The buyers have 3 days before order completed to modify, after which only the sellers can modify their reviews for the buyer.



There is no way to modify a review after reviewing. The best thing is satistfy customers 100%. Wish you all the best…

Regards :slight_smile:


You can request a review modification from the buyer. The buyer can either accept or deny the request.


But request are limited i think you know


Yes. 3 sets of modifications are permitted I believe.


I just bought a gig this week. I wrote a very nice review for my buyer, but I wrote too much and when I tried to send the review, it went through, but only the first 3 words showed. I contacted my buyer and she contacted CS and they erased my review so I could write a new one. I thought she said CS said buyers could change the review for up to 30 days. However, only the seller can ask CS to let the buyer change the review.


Seller can sent request to buyer modify review. But it’s limited.


From my personal experience, i had a situation like this. Buyer put a bad Feedback with out asking any revision.! Then he ask for modify review to get back his budget. but it was true that i delivered the work more then he looking for. I did the work again without asking any revision. but he didn’t respond me! Then i just realize that Some buyers playing trick here to get more facilities and advantage from sellers. it’s really worse!


You don’t seem to have any feedbacks at all on your account?