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Buyer want my social media profile link. what can I do now?


My gig is related to social media management and my buyer want now to see my social media profile. can I give him my social media profile link such as fb or twitter? please suggest me what can I do now.

Fiverr doesn’t allow to share personal information. You should ask the question on Fiverr customer support. Hope they will give you better solution

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Give him the link I think its very positive for you

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If fiverr not allow it then how can people give social media management such aa I saw many gig in fiverr which title was “I will be your social media manager” Thanks for feedback. I will contract fiverr very soon for this issue.

Give your Social media link to your clients as you concern with Social media management. We ourselves provide it to clients and it works well as they have idea how experience & old are you in social media management.


I think there won’t be any problem if you provide your social media profiles as this is related to your service you provide but it will better if you ask the query to the Customer Support.


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you need to contact customer service before sharing your contact,
i did then told me if my gig requires the buyers contact information i would need to add it as a requirement in the gig description, they dint say anything about me sharing my contact information to the buyer.

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Thanks everyone. I already informed it to fiverr.