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Buyer Want Refund


Hello Fiverr Community,

There is this buyer I worked for. I had a lot of difficulty working with him. He kept changing the order requirements as I continued working on his order and gave me a lot of pressure. I took the template he had provided and actually improved on it (that was intitial order requirement). After delivering he said he wasn’t happy with the work. I thought he would cancel the order altogether which I would rather he did. However, he did not. The order completed automatically.

After almost 1 month, apart from giving me a negative review, he is also asking for a refund. Is it possible to do a refund from Fiverr after the order has already completed?



I try to understand all things which you have with client. really, there was a problem. But let’s try to resolve it.
As I read this sentence - “I thought he would cancel the order altogether which I would rather he did. However, he did not. The order completed automatically.” After the order completed automatically, he back to order and give you 1 star? And them after month he come to ask for refund?

In any way, this is question for Fiverr support and i advice you to write this question to them. I think that you can refund him money. I hope that you will easy resolve it with support and continue to work.



Yes it is but do not agree to give him a refund. It is possible he could get one from customer support but at least you don’t have to agree to it.


Why would you even entertain the idea of giving a refund? Especially, if you’ve gone above & beyond for this Buyer. I don’t like the idea of working for FREE. Coming back after 1-month to request a refund is very suspicious and unfair. Not to mention the icing on the :cake: he gave you a neg review.


Same thing happened with me a few months earlier. And the buyer contact to support. And fiver support canceled my order after auto completion of 2 months.
Then I contact support but no luck.
My advice is to contact support and provide all the info of your order. May be they can help you.
Best of luck.


Thanks a lot for the advice, the review came at the same time of request for refund.


Thank you all for your advices. I will write to support team.


Just in case you’re not aware of this: the review will stay even after the refund.

Also, if the buyer is trying to blackmail you with the negative review (demanding a refund in order to remove the review), you can report him for that.


The review remains?!!! That’s is not good at all. However, have written to support team about both the review and refund. Let me see how they respond. I have tried to explain my case. I hope it turns out well.



Don’t refund. If you did a great job and if buyer did not respond for one month then why you should lose your money.

I suggest create a PDF of the events occurred and send them to Fiverr support.

They will help you.


Yes. It’s now strictly forbidden to exchange a cancellation for feedback removal.


Sorry this happened to you. Problematic buyers are frustrating.

You know how you can write a public response to a review? I would always provide context in this response, so that when other people see it, they will understand that this is an unfair, biased review. Just don’t share any revealing information about the buyer or the order, though. Confidentiality is always important.

I’ve picked up on a lot of trends in problematic buyers and when I can see that someone is going to be disrespectful and take advantage of me, I clarify the scope of work with the buyer, as well as the terms. If the buyer refuses to follow these, I just cancel before I waste too much of my time and skill. Do this very sparingly if you can, to avoid hurting your completion rate, which determines if you stay at your level and if you can progress to the next one.


Thanks a lot for the advice. The window to respond to the review has closed. I think fiverr closed it after 7 days. I waited this long as I was communicating with the buyer hoping he would change his mind. Now I think I can only live with this negative review without a response hoping the other buyers will look and rely on the other 5 stars reviews.


You are welcome. I know it’s frustrating, but a lot of buyers can be very forgiving of poor reviews, even if there are only a few others to observe.

Keep at it and try to not be discouraged. Do custom orders discount orders where you can. That can help you stand out from other buyers, plus get you more five-star reviews!