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Buyer want source file before main delivery

Hello Everyone. I have an order, the work is in two parts, I have completed 50% of the work and the buyer accepted it. But the problem is he want the source file of half work. Should I send file before order`s main delivery?


No. not at all.

Unless there is a really compelling reason that they NEED it. And this I doubt. Is the Source File even part of the official Scope of the job?

Really, you should avoid sharing anything until you are Complete and making the Official Delivery as this only opens the door for less than honorable (or just overeager) clients to start to meddle or micromanage you.

The only exception here is if the work has been split officially into Milestones

  • Milestone 1 - Draw the Screens and Process Workflow.
  • Milestone 2 - Code it

In this case you would need to deliver everything that is part of Milestone 1 which is approved and paid before Milestone 2 starts.


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There is no milestone. Actually it’s a logo. I have completed and deliverd JPEG file , He accepted it and now asking me to share source file of logo before the main delivery.

Then I would decline and simply make the Delivery as otherwise, he walks and you weep.

If he makes threats, report straight to CS.

What happens after all depends on a) content and promises made in your Gig and b) any other agreements in your offer to him.

Again, don’t send things before Delivery, it can so easily lead to dramas. If you have had the right talk before starting work and have a clear Brief as part of your Requirements Form, you should complete the whole job in a way that will immediately a) fill all of the Brief and b) impress them enough to go Wow! and accept right here.

Again, if Source Files are not part of the agreement, you are under no obligation to give them.


And you can tell him that you will send it over with all final files after the job is fully done through main delivery button.


Just deliver already. Fiverr will do the rest.If he asks for the files, tell them to follow the onscreen instructions.

He is trying to trick you to get the job almost done for free