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Buyer want source files of other clients to see if i am qualified

I had the weirdest conversation with a buyer the other day ! He said that wants the source files ( Adobe XD ) of the work i did for other clients … and when i refused he said : i can’t work with you because you don’t have any experience !


I don’t know why people don’t trust out here. Just make a design for yourself and share it’s source file as a demo to everyone. It is against the TOS to share the details of other client but yes you can make your own portfolio where you have your designs as well as some sort of source file for the client as example. Make a good deign you can pickup lots of JDs from internet and then you can share it’s source file.
Hope this will help! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I actually showed him some of my work but he said that he wants the source files !

I guess I’m a bit confused as I read this. Did this buyer hire you for work, and he’s demanding services he didn’t purchase? Or is his just someone that contacted you, and can’t have what you wants, so he said he can’t work with you?

I assume he merely contacted you. If this is the case, you are probably best not working for him either.


Take a screencast of you working on your sister’s bathing costume project and send that :scream_cat:

Project, files, esp those of other clients are a no go area and anyone asking that shows poor boundaries (esp seeing they would probably go nuclear if you showed one of theirs).

It does seem like this “buyer” has some trust issues so Jon is probably right.


Thank you for your reply :slight_smile: And yes he just contacted me and after fews messages and he start asking for source files ! I showed him some png pictures of past work but he said no ! When i refused to give him source files of other clients who " Paid for it " He said that i don’t have any experience and i am not qualified

why would he need that, doesn’t jpg,png file is enough?

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Clearly it’s not enough for him !