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Buyer want to cancel 6 orders

Someone joined fiverr this month and ordered my 6 services and after delivery and review. he want refund for each and every order. this is not acceptable. i spend lot time to get report ready.

what is the best solution ?

Thank you

Personally, I don’t think they should get a refund because you are a person, not a business. You spent hours, I assume, on your work and should be compensated fairly! This isn’t Walmart, ya know? Did he review before delivery? Is there a chat that proves he was happy with your services before delivery?

He posted review after delivery.

Contacted to Fiverr Team about it.


Yeah. There are some people that buy your gigs and request refunds or threaten to post bad reviews if you do not. You can contact customer care on such people. This community does not tolerate such kind of unfair business or more like fraud.