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Buyer Want To Cancel Order After 20 Days of Delivery

Buyer Want To Cancel Order After 20 Days of Delivery and Asking For refund What Should i Do now

You can contact fiver customer support center

Ok Thanks Let Me Contact Them

Completed orders (or, where applicable, completed milestones) may be cancelled, upon review of our Customer Support team, up to 14 days after the order (or Milestone) is marked as complete. Please be advised that orders cannot be partially cancelled (i.e. we can only cancel the entire order when it is justified).

The above is from the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.


Though one of the gigs does say “100% satisfaction” and the image in that gig offers a money back guarantee. Maybe one those could be removed or further info on the money back guarantee could be specified (for future orders). Though I don’t know if it’s that gig that the buyer wants to cancel the order for.

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If you offer services that state they have a “Money back guarantee” you lock yourself into that commitment.

As UK suggested, I would remove that guarantee, if you don’t want to be held to it. Often CS sides with a customer on these issues - and that guarantee makes it more likely that they will. IMO.


Are you aware that you have this in your gig description?

Why Choose My Gig
" Have 7 Years plus Experience "
" Android Development Expert "
100% satisfaction <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Delivery On Time
Earn $$ daily
Unlimited Revisions

What if the buyer is not 100% satisfied? What happens then?

Did he give a reason he wants to cancel the order? Ask him why.


I would say both of them should be removed. Keeping any of them is asking for trouble.


I think its not your wish but you may given the wind to them (I mean - creating magnetic think to buyers mind, blow their mind to buy), finally if unable, you may ask to buy minimum gig .