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Buyer want to cancel order after delivery showing illegal reason, what should I do?

I am new to fiverr, I received an order 3 days before and delivered everything according my gig description & buyer requirements in time, But my buyer is not knowledgeable enough and he want to cancel the order by showing illegal reason which is not matching gigs condition even his requirements. It is 3rd order and I have only a review in my profile. I think this order cancellation will affect my profile.

Please help me what should I do in the above circumstance.

My gigs description was:
Title: I will do kgr keyword research for amazon affiliate niche sites


  • Niche: Any
  • Search Volume: 20 to 250
  • Keywords Difficulty: Beneath 5 (KD<5)
  • Word Count: 3 -4 (Long tail & sure to rank)
  • Intention: Buying,info, product, service etc
  • Allintitle: Beneath 63 (Allintitle<63)
  • KGR Ratio: Beneath 0.25 or 0.75 (KGR<0.25 or 0.75)
  • Data source: Ahrefs

GIG Package: 10 KGR Keywords, 1 Niche

Buyer Requiremnts was:

  • Niche - xxxxx, xxxxx
  • Keyword volume - 50+
  • keyword type - 6-7best of keyword type and the rest 3-4 how to type

What I have delivered:

  • Keywords No: 14 ( 10 for gigs + 4 bonus)
  • Niche: xxxx, xxxxx
  • Keyword volume: 90 - 250( He wanted 50+, but I gave him 90+)
  • Keywords Difficulty: 0-5
  • Word Count: 4 - 7
  • Intention: Buying & info
  • Keyword type (Best + keywords): 9
  • Keyword type (How to + keywords): 5
  • Allintitle: 1 to 63
  • KGR Ratio: Beneath 0.25
  • Data source: Ahrefs

But I don’t know why he wants to cancel the order?
What should I do now?

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If you’re certain that you have delivered as advertised, you can refuse to cancel. However, keep in mind that buyer could give you a bad review.


More than the problem with this order you will have a big issue if you don’t start to manage your clients expectations. You will certainly have more situations like this… My best advice for you is that on future orders you establish a very clear communication and try to understand (with the right questions) if your client know something about your area of expertise. Make sure you explain everything every time to your clients. Your area is tricky. Most part of clients do not read the GIG description fully and it’s seller responsability to pass the information so the buyer can know exactly what he is ordering. It’s our obligation to educate customers. This maybe will make you have to cancel a few orders, but by using a clear communication I’m sure that you will close much more orders without any issue.

Agree with them. Forget it, walk away, wish them well, get more clients. That is what I do

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Even though I tend to do that myself I hardly think it’s a seller’s responsibility/obligation to do that, that’s what descriptions are for. I do agreed with everything else though.

What reason is he giving to cancel the order?

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Half of the keywords i received i already used them and half of them are not having that much volume

For KGR calculation, there is no scope to select keywords having search volume more than 250, I already gave 7 of 10 keywords with max search volume(250) but he complained “half of them are not having that much volume”
Another fact, I checked his entire website and provided him all unique keywords but he is claiming he had these keywords in his google sheet. How can I know what he has in his computer.

I understand what you are saying. But it’s preferable to prevent and inform instead of having these situations all the time. I tested it with my own business and that saved me a lot of trouble, believe me. Now when potential clients send me a message before ordering I clarify everything prior and I avoid cancelations. It’s all about how do you want to manage your business. I prefer to lose a sale instead of risking a cancelation and hope for the best. Of course, the last decision to do this or not in on seller.