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Buyer want to cancel order after I delivered source file does it will be count in violation?


A buyer placed order I read description and provided all work as per buyer request and delivered revision source file’s.

And Today buyer send message “Please cancel as I do not think I will be satisfied by your work”
I talk to him very politely to give me reason of cancellation but buyer want to cancel order.

My question I delivering complete source file and buyer want to cancel order does it will be count in violation?


Never ever agree to cancel.
Never be rude to the buyer also.
CS will support you if you’ve delivered according to specifications.


A buyer cannot cancel after you do the work just because he “won’t be satisfied”. Tell him no he cannot cancel. If he doesn’t like what he got that’s a shame but it’s the chance he takes.


Thanks for reply misscrystal First buyer says that he like concept 7 and asked revision. Last night I delivered Vector source file and all file’s of standard package file’s.
today he send me cancellation dispute and said that “please cancel as I do not think I will be satisfied by your work”
I’m pretty sure that he download file’s and know asking for cancellation.
I’m new in fiverr misscrystal could you please guide me if I cancel order does it will be count in violation because I send source file?


Tell him no he can’t cancel. Then tell customer support what he said with a screenshot of that and tell them you are not going to cancel.

Then continue to refuse to cancel until hell freezes over.


Thanks for reply videoarticle I always talk politely to buyer I know that fiverr is a professional place I don’t want negative feedback in my profile I send message to Cs waiting to there reply :slight_smile:


If I decline he’s cancellation request doe’s he will report me ?
I’m really afraid I’m new in fiverr this is my first time when some one asked to cancel order :frowning:


Report you for refusing to cancel? You are allowed to do that. And that is why you need to also send a screenshot of what he said about cancelling to customer support immediately so they know about it.

IF you did the job as your gig description says you should never cancel for any reason. If you made a mistake then you can simply correct it and send it to him again. But do not cancel.

We are entitled to get paid for our work.

You sellers need to stop agreeing to cancel orders!


I create design as per buyer request first he said that he want signature logo and send screen shot of design he liked form my gig I create design once I delivered sourcefile then today when I wake up like daily routine I got notification of order dispute request there was not mistake on my side I know that if I decline he’s request then he will give me 1star :frowning:


It’s your decision then either to refund him or get a one star review but I know what I would do and it would NOT be to give him a refund.


You have a great confidence and I always read your comments and learn many thing’s you are a top rated I’m level 1 seller :smiley:


A similar situation happened to me this morning, and I completed the task. I even provided opportunities for multiple revisions, but the buyer didn’t respond to me much. Thankfully, I came on here and was told not to cancel the order. I know I did my very best to do the job I was paid to do.


It is against fiverr TOS for client to ask for cancellation based on quality of work as long as you delivered everything. You can take a screenshot of that part of TOS and send it to the client declining his cancellation request.

Secondly, now fiverr really cosious about sellers cancelling their order just because they are afraid to get bad rating. So I would not advise you to cancel because you don’t want to get a bad review. Fiverr gets really strict with this lately.

If they leave bad review, you will be able to review them too (and your feedback will be on their page) and after that you can type a reply to their feedback explaining situation that everyone else will be able to see (correct me if I’m wrong)


I provided quality work that describe in my gig description I know 1 percent buyer want that job done free. If I decline buyer cancellation request what will be happened?
does he can report on me?


If you did your best then buyer have no right to cancel order. :slight_smile:


I don’t see why would you think he would report you for that?
If you didn’t do anything against TOAS then you should contact support and make the aware of this situation.
Of course some buyers contacting support after seller declines their cancellation request and that’s why you should be the first one to contact support so they would be more favourable to you.



Check screen shot Thank god day says that “No fault of the seller” :slight_smile:


*Thank god there is not my fault :slight_smile: