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Buyer want to Cancel order after Multiple Revisions

Buyer want to cancel order once the work is delivered, After multiple revisions (Free) he kept on saying that the requirements are not fulfilled. After adjusting data again and again his arguments were same, in the end i told him that i will charge for further revisions. After this he open dispute for Order Cancellation… Already open Ticket in Customer Support , What should i do Cancel the Order or Reject the Cancel Request…???

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You did the work, so I’d say reject the cancellation request. However, keep in mind that the buyer can give you a bad review after the order is marked as complete, and/or do a chargeback (he’d get banned in the case of chargeback, but buyers who do it don’t care whether they get banned or not).


I launched a complain on Fiverr Customer Support but i am stuck what to do, Accept the Request of Buyer and wait for Fiverr Response or Reject the Buyer Request and wait what he do next or what Fiver Customer Support will do…

Only you can decide that. Basically, do you want to risk a bad review, or do you want to risk not getting paid for your work?

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