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Buyer want to cancel the order after delivered the work

A buyer placed the order I read the description and provided all work as per buyer request and delivered
then he requested for modification. I’ve also delivered the modified file Then after 1 day the buyer dispute the order with the reason Just don’t need the video at this time Can someone give me tips or what you do in this situation

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Ugh! Don’t cancel just yet.

Explain to the Buyer (professionally, of course) that you’ve completed the job as per his specifications. You’ve happily modified the order for him as well. Get his response in writing. It’s not your fault that he doesn’t need the video, he could hang onto it when it’s needed. :woman_shrugging:t4: It sounds like Buyers Remorse to me and not a legit reason to CXL.

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Thanks for the suggestion he disputes the order but I canceled and I also Explain to the buyer that I’ve completed the job as per his specifications but he did not reply to me I’m afraid he’ll give me the bad review

If you are graphic designer please active ( watermark ) option in your gig that help no one stolen your design
Thank you!

A buyer changing their mind is not a valid reason to cancel an order.

The fear of receiving bad feedback is exactly what scammers prey on.

The buyer has got free work. You’ve lost your time and money.

You should have told the buyer that you will involve customer support.

Too late now though as you’ve agreed to cancel the order.