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Buyer want to cancel the order after delivered work


Hello everyone,
Buyer ordered my gig and want that i deliver in 8 hours so i have deliver it in 8 hours.
Then after 2 days the buyer dispute the order with the reason the order was not delivered on time… that is a big lie.
I dont want to cancel the order because i did the work and it will effect my profile a lot. Can someone give me tips or what you do in this situation?


Hi, I’m sorry about this experience. I guess you’re new on Fiverr. You should send a mail to Support. They would investigate this matter and I can assure you they’ll judge fairly. That said, spend some time on the Forum, read about Fiverr’s Do’s and Don’ts it’ll help you become successful on Fiverr.


Thanks for reply but im not new on fiverr, just the first time that i get in a situation like this.


You should discuss with buyer that you have delivered order in time you can share a screenshot of your delivered order with time and date try to solve problem with discussing even if he disagree contact customer support and if you think you delivered order on time then dont accept dispute


Thanks for your reply. Buyer dont reply to all my messages but only dispute the order with a false reason i dont think that the buyer want a solution the buyer just want their money back and i dont know if the buyer will use my work because everything is delivered.


I am really sorry for your problem. i have no idea.


The best thing you can do is reach out to CS. Take screenshots of the conversation and proof that you delivered in the stated timeframe. Make sure to mention that you don’t want the order to be canceled and that you feel the buyer is trying to get away with free work. While they could still do a PP chargeback, at least you’ve stood your ground with the buyer and CS. If the buyer goes to CS before you do, then they’re likely to get the order canceled. If you go before then, you stand a chance of winning your case.

Good luck.


Thank you very much @emeraldawnn i will do this.


if buyer want to cancel the order he or she will send the dispute through resolution center don’t accept the resolution fiverr will automatically mark the order completed after 3 days