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Buyer want to cancel the order after testing out the service.Need advice :)

So, I had a new client (who didn’t read any of the descriptions of the buyer request, clearly said, contact me to test out first). She just orders it, but after doing some testing, she doesn’t think it’s what she is looking for. So she wants to cancel the order.

So, should I cancel the order ( affect my new gig ranking), or reject it, and try to “fight” back? But the thing is that I only do 40% of the work, at the point, she wants to cancel the entire order

You have several options:

  • Agree to cancel
  • Narrow down what it is that she wants - and provide it. Charge an extra fee if appropriate
  • Argue

Problem is at this point, she’s pretty much changed her mind about the order, rather than anything being wrong with it.

You can try contacting CS for a cancellation without affecting your stats … but that will take a while …