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Buyer want to cancel the order coz they no longer need the services

Hi everyone
I had an order from the buyer
It was placed directly from the gig without discussing the job prior.

Order include a site setup with content upload to be delivered in 9 days as we agreed

Buyer submitted incomplete order requirements and requested me to start working

In few days he provided me with 80% of the site content and the logins ( which were not provided initially)

Now 3 days before the delivery buyer want to cancel the order coz he no longer need the site as his business is not going to happen

I do not want to cancel as I’ve done 80% of the work on the site
For the data missing I’ve added placeholder data
I informed the buyer that if he’s not able to provide complete content I’ll deliver with the placeholder data

I’ve contacted fiverr support but they seem to take upto 10 working days to respond due to current corona situation

What should i do here?
Please help


That is a difficult situation. If you’d finished it, I’d say deliver and refuse to cancel. But since you haven’t … there’s not a lot you can do.

Ask for an extension to cover the time it may take CS to get back to you - and ask CS to cancel without affecting your stats. They may or may not do this.

Don’t deliver , though or you may get a warning for incomplete delivery because it’s only 80% done …


All cancellations done wether mutual or done by support affect the stats

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Not always - I’m the living proof …


ok i’ll ask buyer if he’s willing to extend

Agreed. I am also living proof.

Customer support can cancel orders without it affecting stats.

However, you do need to make your case very clear.


That is great to know
I’ve contacted support and will ask buyer to extend till we get a response from support

In my case do you think it is possible that the fiverr support will cancel the order without affecting my stats

Try and be as brief as possible and attach screenshots of the discussion.

Other than that - keep your fingers crossed. Ask them clearly for what you want.

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Thank you
I’ll do that

You are among several victims of this situation. Also the response rate and performance of Customer service I would say has been faulty for a some time in

Because of The current situation and the loopholes in the service you have to wait till the CS respond you or request your buyer to accept the delivery. Such is an absolutely disadvantage of being a Fiverr seller nowadays

this is not a good situation

Apparently the response time is 10 days is for sellers issue only

The buyers get immediate response as the support cancelled my order already

This seems unfair that support responds so quickly to buyers and so slow (10 working days ) for sellers

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Surely that is what I have discussed in my previous post but every one thought that i was falsely stating that

where are those geniuses now who said that Fiverr customer support is 100 % ok