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Buyer want to cancel the order with second ongoing milestone

I just want to know that i have an order with 2 milestones and delivered the first milestone and then client chooses to start the second milestone but now he wants to cancel the second ongoing milestone. Will i get paid for first milestone if he cancels the order?

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yes you will get paid, they are two independent orders.

Don’t worry. You will get paid for the first milestone

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there are two milestone in an order… not seperate orders

have you encountered such situation? actually i was reading that if client cancels the order fiverr will refund all the money to client

i know, i meant that they are considered as so. Therefore, you will get paid for the first one.

and does this order marked as cancelled or completed?

no fiver refunded all the money to client without asking me and now the whole order is marked as canelled

fiverr refunded all the money to client without even asking me

It is explained here:

You guys keep on commenting without any knowledge… i have mentioned a real scenario above that fiverr refunded my $250 of my first milestone as well which was accepted and completed … 2nd milestone was on going and this whole situation is not mentioned in the given link… i think fiverr doesnot have any rights for sellers

and fiverr CS doesnot mention any reason

Just because a milestone is completed that doesn’t mean there can’t be other factors that allow an order to be closed/refunded.

CS refunds are possible for milestones just as they are for single-delivery orders. You haven’t given us the full context for why the refund was sought/granted. We can’t give you support when we only have half of the story and it looks suspicious if you don’t share or explain that.

I have given the information i have fiverr CS didn’t gave me any reason for cancelling the order and even they didn’t ask me that the client wants to cancel the order

We don’t know why the buyer cancelled it.

Even if you don’t know yourself, we can’t pass judgment without that info. For all we know you did a poor job or an unethical job. I’m not saying you did. I’m saying there’s no way for us to know so how can we say if it was fair or not?

thanks… you tried helping me

This happened to me few hours ago, cancel at final, I’m trying to figure out why but totally nothing from my side to prove as a fault.