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Buyer want to cancel the order without sending file and blame me about my communication

Before the order, Buyer Tell me to add 6 photos and video on After effect template. But after ordering, I want all the files. But the client does not give me that. After 3hr client said me for few changes. And that time I did not answer at the same time. Now the client said me to cancel the order. The Client pointing about my communication ability. Before the order, I answering in 2-3min. Now, what can I do?


Maybe buyer is right about your communication because I completely don’t understand what’s the story and the problem.

He didn’t send all 6 photos to you so you could work on them? Or he send some of them and you also sent partial delivery? Why wouldn’t you provide changes that client asked for?

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I never said that I am ready to do. But I answering after 3 hr. Now the client said to me for cancellation.
My only fault is answering late.

You still didn’t answer any of my questions so I can definitely see how client might think that your communication is very poor.

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client said
“please cancel this gig - your availability and communication is not very consistent, you disappear for hours all the time. never mind - I don’t need you anymore”
Client said that, When i am not answering in 3hr.

It is better not to work with such clients who expect you to reply to each query of theirs within a matter of minutes and to always be at their beck and call.

Consider yourself lucky that you no longer have to deal with such a client.


I agree here with hanshuber. I had someone contact me late into the night (11 p.m.) and at 1 a.m. said sorry found someone else, you lost out for not responding quicker.

Yeah… like I don’t need sleep or I don’t have a job or whatever. I just stick around Fiverr all the time, waiting and holding my breath for messages to come through.