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Buyer want to cancel the order

Yesterday a buyer sent me a message to create a 90s t-shirt designs and sent me some designs. I was agreed. I create same 90s t-shirt pattern design which was sent him. He was thankful to me and ask me to make some changes I was agreed about changes. When I make changes on his/her t-shirt and sent projects he wants to cancel the order. I make some changes once more because of his/her but he also wants to cancel the order. I was spent most of the time on his/her project but he wants to cancel. My hard work is wasted. What can I do?


Contact CS they will help you in this.


Will it affect my profile?

of course. …

If you have deliver your order as you say you should contact CS and give them prove that you have deliver they will solve your problem.

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Say “no”. If you did the work, you should be paid. The buyer sounds like he wants all of the work you did for free, and that is something you should always say “no” to. Always.


If I contact CS,will it affect my profile?

If he/she give negative review on my profile?

No, you want help as a user and this is your right to get paid.

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You should contact support, Every body will give you same answer no matter how many time u ask. Contact support explain them everything

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Thanks for your help @zaiba202 :slight_smile:

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i haven’t face this type of situation yet but i feel cancelling running order is one of the most fractious part of any business.


Then you get a negative review, and you move on to the next order.


Thanks for your help @jonbaas

I too faced the same situation. Working hard to buyer and making revisions as per buyers needs, but finally he denied my order and cancelled. It made impact on my profile. While i was maintaining my profile well with 100% delivery. He made my profile down


Why you don’t contact CS?

They said if buyers want to cancel they cant do anything…

Are there any such buyers sent you these fake order?

Thanks for your help @arcodecode

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Yes, but they didn’t place an order they want work as a sample.

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