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Buyer Want To Change The Review


Hello! I completed an order and buyer was not fully satisfied in my job. Then unfortunately buyer was post a bad review.

Now i fix buyer problem and buyer is satisfy my job. So buyer want to change his review. How can can buyer change the review ? or how can i help to buyer for change the review ?
Thank You Everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

Note : Buyer Post Bad Review 2 days ago.

contact with customar care and tell the same thing to them, they can help you.

There’s 3 reviews showing on your account and they’re all rated 5 stars, so I don’t see which you’d want to change.

But if there was a bad review, you risk a warning if you ask the buyer/CS to change it. It’s not worth the risk as 2 of the same warning can disable your account (or 3 different warnings).


What happened to it? It’s not showing on your account?

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You need to work hard and if you want to get views on your gigs try to post on social media. You have 3 reviews with 5 Stars. There are no shortcuts to achieve success.

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