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Buyer want to edit his reviews. is that possible?


Recently one of my buyers send wrong feedback accidentally and he tries to edit it. he contacts me in inbox for request to edit. but there is no option for edit reviews. I also told him that no need to change reviews. but he did not listen and told me that he can contact support. so I request contact sipport , that is there any option for change it. but they did not reply. also I listed that they did not help in this matter. one bad reviews not affect my profile at all. but my buyers send text again and again for this matter.

my buyer needs it badly.

I send images, that ensure you, people, that he wants to remove it. I never request anything. check this images, please.



Fiverr no longer allows feedback to be changed, no matter who’s fault it is. :zipper_mouth_face:

However, they made this change. Which means your lowest review will be removed. :wink:


no problem. but buyer feel guilty for this. I said him it’s ok. but he send same text again and again for edit it. :slight_smile:

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Eventually he will be forced to give up.

Recently I had the same situation, the buyer given review mistakenly as it was technical issue of mobile app. I contacted CS and they removed the rating. And allowed buyer to review again!! SO if it some sort of technical issue their might a chance for you.

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I’m very surprised as you are the first and only person who has said this.

How recently? :thinking: the rule changed effective September 15. Was it after that?

Nope. Apparently humans don’t make mistakes, so it’s unforgivable and the buyer doesn’t get a chance to correct the mistake. :joy: Not even the seller can. Makes you look unprofessional if you have a typo in your review, which many notice only after reading it again. Easy fix is to not review buyers, or waste time re-reading it a few times before submitting.

Yes, I’ve checked CS TICKET, it happened on 19th September.

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I had the exact same issue last week. Buyer wrote me a very good review but only left 1 star. When he found out he had left 1 star instead of 5 he wrote support. Support just deleted his review. They said he would be given the possibility to write another but it doesnt seem to have worked. I think Fiverr has a lot of bugs… The whole website is really not user friendly and intuitive.
Anyway all I wanted was the 1 star review to disappear cause it drastically decreased my ratings so I’m still pretty happy they did something at all.


Almost same scenario on my side!!

It has happened to me as well. I reviewed a buyer actually so it was vice versa. I contacted support and told them how important this buyer was to me, and in a minute my review was removed and I was able to write an honest review