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Buyer want to get back money and treat me

I did Complete order with buyer requirement and buyer give me review and feedback. My service is WordPress landing page. she now says her platform is weebly. But She didn’t tell me her platform weebly .She gave me Hostings access. now she want get back money and treated me . what can i do now.

I didn’t get you . You did your work on WordPress. Then how Weebly cms arrived in this. You didn’t work on his WordPress hosting?

And treated you what?

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yes i did work his wordpress hosting

Um, your post was difficult to understand.

Are you saying your Buyer placed an order for a Wordpress landing page?

But then she changed her mind and wants a Weebly page built?

Did you complete the WP job?

Do you know how to build Weebly pages?

Did you communicate this issue with the Buyer?


yes i complete order, now she said want weebly page .

Then if you provide Weebly service . Then ask for second order or simply report and block him. He get what he paid for. Now new things come with pricing. That’s it.

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Okie Dokie. Well, it doesn’t work that way, you should be PAID for the work you’ve completed and delivered. If she goofed up and chose the wrong platform that’s not your fault. She would have to order another gig for Weebly, if you offer that service. If you don’t offer Weebly, then there’s nothing more you can do. Communicate to her that’s what she ordered and you’ve completed the order per her request.

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no i don’t know weebly service.
ok thanks

ok thank you so much