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Buyer want to have a zoom meeting for clarification of Requirement

Hi good people,
I am facing some problem now quite with some clients. My clients want to clarify his requirements over a call by zoom or any other media. But what I understand and also told them that Fiverr don’t allow ‘Out of Fiverr’ communication.

But for this, I am loosing some projects. Can anyone give me proper suggestion (preferable with reference), what can I do in this type of situations?

Thanks in advance for your guidance as always.

Best Regards


It’s entirely possible that those are projects you wouldn’t want anyway. If a buyer doesn’t respect the ToS, they’re not likely to respect you, your time, or your work.

That said, ask for examples or if they can rephrase what they want in another manner.


Better than losing your Fiverr account for breaking the rules.


I was wondering because some of them also refer to other seller with whom they did the zoom meeting. As I was not sure, I just avoid using zoom. But they mentioned they did zoom meeting withh other seller.

It’s not necessary at all. This buyer just either wants to ramble on to avoid having to write a proper scope or they want to scam you or Fiverr or both.

Why would you let someone waste your time to support their laziness?

Zoom is not required and this is not someone anyone should even consider working with.

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If someone wants to “hop on a quick call” instead of writing a proper brief, avoid them like the plague.

People who find it cumbersome to outline the project by typing the requirements out in a way that another human being will read it and understand, are people who don’t understand effort nor do they recognize any value in other people’s work.

Everything for them during the project will be quick, easy and shouldn’t take too long for you to do.

Zoom can only be used by Pro sellers.

And even then, us Pro sellers know when there’s no point in using it.


You will get in a lot of problems, some client ask me to a zoom meet i refuse, and they said that they use with other sellers. These types of customers are lazy who don’t want to write a briefing.

Pay attention, if you communicate outside of Fiverr and face some problem with the order or with the buyer… how you will prove if you don’t communicate in the Fiverr? How the Fiverr will be able to check the conversation?

Even if you are right, the Fiverr will need to cancel the order, or even worse be banned from Fiverr.


Well, yes, some sellers break the rules. Or don’t bother to learn them. And then you see some of them crying on the forum that they lost a level or got banned for no reason.


Buyer what page send this massage order page or chat page.


Consider it a blessing to have a red flag and run away. No good client behaves this way. It’s a sign of a lazy, entitled, cheap person.

That’s a bit simplistic. The buyer might not be aware of this rule.
When doing business it’s perfectly normal to have a phone call or Zoom meeting to discuss a project. Just because Fiverr is very strict doesn’t make a buyer untrustworthy or disrespectful.
Yes, you can indeed lose lucrative projects because Fiverr limits ways to contact the seller, why might put off potential clients, why not simply acknowledge that?

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The majority of my clients are from outside of Fiverr. Some of them use email, some use ■■■■■/Zoom or phone to contact me. Would you say these people are entitled and lazy just because they like to use a phone?

Let’s face it, explaining complex projects via chat isn’t always ideal. A phone call can be quicker and there’s faster feedback. If anything it’s more a limitation of how Fiverr works than a red flag.

I adhere to the ToS when it comes to Fiverr projects, but for outside projects using a phone is in no way a sign of a bad client.


No project that complex is appropriate for Fiverr.

No Fiverr gig is so complicated that you can’t write out a proper scope for it. And I would never work for someone who doesn’t want to put what they’re asking for in writing. That’s an unnecessary risk to me and a waste of my time.

Are you paying sellers for the time on the call? No.

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I also would never work for someone who expects me to take time for a phone call and then take notes so the client doesn’t have to because none of this is paid.

I don’t get paid for listening to someone tell me their scope and I don’t get paid to take notes. Why should I do that unpaid? That defeats the purpose of Fiverr.

What about a Fiver coding job or an explainer video about a complex subject? Some subjects or requirements may be difficult to explain, or perhaps the clients’ feedback is very specific.
It’s not about laziness, but about efficiency.
Again, I’m not advocating breaching Fiver ToS, but we can at least acknowledge that a phone is quicker than going back and forth in the chat.

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Getting a brief on the phone instead of a form is not more efficient. It’s less.

If something is easier for you as a client, fine. But pay for it. Don’t expect people to do free meetings and take notes for free and risk not having a scope in writing because you don’t want to fill out a form.

If a client wants me to take risks and do extra work for free because it’s easier for them, I call that a signal to run.


If you are running your own business outside of Fiverr that is fine.

This topic is about the Terms of Service which everyone needs to read before buying and selling on Fiverr.


I understand that meet and call can be useful in some points… but i don’t work more with local clients the reason is based on my last experience…

In my last work with an local client i needed go in some zoon meet for more thant 1 hour… just to after that the client hire me… and the project tooked 2 weeks to be completed and after 1 month the clients continue call me for minor things. You know we don’t get paid for to do meetings.

On the otherhand, here in the Fiverr the clients send the briefing with all informations, this is the reason why i complete the projects in less then 1 week. The Chat for me is perfect.

Thanks all for your valuable feedback. I would like to summarize my short-time Fiverr experience here related to the topic:

  1. For those buyer who don’t want to write his/her project, I should avoid those clients for my own good and I am also doing this.
  2. It is not true that Calling is useless and everything can be describe in chat. I got a client with a quite big project, He ordered me on Fiverr, but after that we were facing trouble to express our ideas from both side. Then he shared his S K Y P E id with me and I screen shared what I’ve done and he gave feedback immediately. That become much more clear and I was able deliver my work with great client satisfaction. I respect the ToS, but we should agree that this is a limitation of Fiverr not to integrate calling system in Fiverr itself.
  3. For those who are saying that client is not paying me for calls: My experience says I need to spend more time in chat than in calls to clearly understand a project’s requirements.

Those are my feelings from these short 2 months experience in Fiverr and is not intended to hurt anyone’s feeling.

Thanks for your guidance…

It definitely looks like your work would benefit from video calling as you’ve shown with your own example. In that case I would recommend the following:

Firstly, contact Fiverr support and ask them. Explain that with other clients outside Fiverr, it helps to be able to screenshare and show/be shown the data etc. Maybe you could tell them that you would record the calls and post them in Fiverr Chat with the buyer in case Fiverr Support wants to check it later.

Probably also mention that you would start and deliver the projects through Fiverr and the calls would be strictly for screenshare and project discussion.

Assuming you get their go-ahead, you should be safe.

Anything other than a go-ahead from support will risk you getting your account banned.

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