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Buyer want to have a zoom meeting for clarification of Requirement

I totally agree with you.

I’m bother a seller and buyer - I’m more of a buyer right now.

I have spent so much money trying to hire an illustrator and animator for my projects. I desperately need to explain it them.

When I cough up the dough to pay for the illustrators and animators, there’s so much confusion in expectations, it comes up very wrong. I get a refund but Fiverr makes sure you must spend with them. Now I’m stuck.

If you join Fiverr Business and become a Fiverr Business client, the sellers will have the option to schedule Zoom calls from the order page.

However, if you do that, I suggest contacting sellers before placing an order, to make sure that they will be willing to actually use that option (and when you do that, make it clear that the option will appear on the order page, that it’s supported by Fiverr, and that they won’t be breaking the rules). Some sellers will be happy to do it, others would refuse it, and sellers can’t be (and shouldn’t be) forced to use that option if they don’t want to.

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I got an order from a buyer that says this is fiverr business client and fiverr was also giving an option of zoom call. you may ask fiverr more about it and suggest your buyer to be business client of fiverr so that he/she may have this feature :slight_smile: