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Buyer want to monitor my job via 3rd Party Tools

Hello Everyone,

Today, I meet with a buyer who want to monitor my job via 3rd party tools. Suppose, I’m a WordPress developer. Now, He want to order a gig and condition is he will see my work via Zoom. Is Fiverr support taking positively or negatively. I was confused about this and want to know. Is possible?


Don’t do this.

It’s not allowed and this is a super difficult buyer. He might actually be trying to scam you, but in any case, this is way more trouble than it’s worth. Very unreasonable and unethical and goes against your contract.

Fiverr is a gig site. You aren’t beholden to any conditions or objectives. You do the work, submit and then it’s done. It’s project work, not retainer or commission work.


Don’t do it. By the way, I’m sure that you know this already, but make sure not to do any sort of upwork account or anything. If the buyer can’t safely discuss it within the Fiverr DM system, DON’T DO IT.


I think it’s a good idea for anyone who does what you do to send daily updates of what you did. I would want to know that you were doing something every day on my project.


This person is asking to monitor his activity via Zoom which is a sort of screencasting program like Sky-hype.

I’d want to understand why?

  • If it is so they can get control of your PC through a Remote Server screen control type thing then Nooooooooo!.
  • If it is because they don’t trust you then offer daily updates but decline being peered at.
  • If it is because part of the job advert was that they wanted to learn how Task X is done then you have already agreed so have a session using Zoom to show them (probably after the job is complete in -case you hit a time-bomb).

Good luck


As long as Fiverr doesn’t offer an integrated function like that, I’d decline.

If you really want to do that job and are sure it’s not some or other scam theme, and don’t mind if it’s someone who wants to copy your MO so that they don’t need to hire your or similar gigs again, whence trying to get around learning how to do it themselves, or such, you could ask customer support if they are okay with it/would recommend it.

Personally, I can’t stand working with someone peeking over my shoulder, I didn’t choose being a freelancer with all its disadvantages only to take the disadvantages of being an employee upon me as well, after all, but to be free.

I also do not continuosly monitor the plumber, electrician, chimney sweep or any other handyman I need around but only show up from time to time if I think they need me for something, or they call me over to decide something, and else let them do their job in peace, even at the risk of paying a few minutes while they don’t actively work but take a few breaths of air.


I think it not support fiverr rules & regulation. fiverr not allow third party I understand by their guide line. also it becomes threat for your privacy . I hope it better to ignore this buyer for your safety.

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As some of you have pointed out, I do think it’s again Fiverr policy as well. Nonetheless, it may not be safe for you either and also shows distrust from your buyer, don’t do it.

This is a red flag - red as in “control freak”.


Yes, I told him about Fiverr Terms.

Definately. It violates Fiverr terms, shows an enormous lack of trust in your work - and it’s an intrusion. I wouldn’t work with this kind of client.

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Just Infrom about that buyer to fiverr support team. Hope they will take action against that Buyer.

With my little bit of experience, I can only suggest you to say directly “NO” to that client or avoid to work like this for clients. Of course, We can’t entertain like that to clients, we also have some privacy. :100:

Just a thought: Maybe that person wants to learn the skill. :thinking: