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Buyer want to pay outside from fiverr


one of my previous buyers gave me a job and want’s to pay me from outside of fiverr!
but I’m not agreed with that. because I’m not feeling comfortable with payment outside of fiverr!
now, what should I need to do?


Never try to take money outside of Fiverr. You should loyal about Fiverr terms and condition as Fiverr gave you the work and the customer .


Payment outside of Fiverr is strictly against the terms of service.

Don’t do it or else your account will be banned.


@rafsan_xani thanks for your potential compliment :slightly_smiling_face:


@sandm4n thanks! now i have clearly understand what should i need to do


do follow fiverr TOS


Never try to take money outside of Fiverr


ok! NOW undertand I have to follow fiverr TOS


thanks for your valueable comment


Just tell your buyer that this is against the Terms of Service which you will find at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.


definitely he should inform buyer regarding fiverr TOS


@lloydsolutions i have sent him this messege! that i’m not doing any job agains fiverr TOS ! and take payment outside of fiverr


Never do this!!!

Be loyal to fiverr and once they can figure it out, your account might even get disabled permanently

So better to be safe right?


ok, brother @sayedussadat I will always keep your words in my mind!

loyalty is more important than money :slightly_smiling_face:


You should contact with fiverr authority.


yeah, it’s a serious issue


do follow fiverr TOS


ok i have to follow fiverr TOS


Fiverr do not allow to take amount outside the fiverr. If u do, u will be banned.

Don’t try to do this.
Hope u understand.


@sany_majumder Great !
good luck with your work