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Buyer want to refund and reporting on my acount after accepting delivery

I delivered the order to the customer and he accepted and gave me 5 stars, and now when he comes back a few days later he says that your work was not good, give me my money back and I will report to you. He says I’ll tell Fiverr that you didn’t do well, I want to know if he can report to me now that he has accepted the delivery himself. I also gave him 5 revisions that if there is a problem you can fix it with me, but he said the work is fine, Now he says things didn’t work out, Can they block my account like this?

Ignore him! He as accepted the order and given you 5 stars. If I were you I would go straight to Customer Service and send them all the messages (screen shot) etc. Let them know what you have told us.


Thank You so much,
i was so worried