Buyer want to refund payment


Buyer want to refund payment but the buyer already given review and another think is as a new seller I don’t submit my payment card in my account. So please help me.


So the order’s complete - why would you want to refund it? Just say no to that one.

So do it now! :slightly_smiling_face:


The buyer said that he dispute with fiverr.


Why does he want a refund after leaving you a good review? Sorry I’m confused.

If the buyer’s threatening you for some reason, please report it to CS.


A dispute after leaving a positive feedback?! :thinking: Um, something doesn’t add up here.
Don’t refund until you get a legitimate reason. However, if you completed the work as described and your Buyer was happy, you deserve to get paid.


Contact customer support


Agree with @offlinehelpers


Just decline his cancellation request. Before that contact CS and let them know the situation.


Why you want to refund.Just keep it if you deserve it.