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Buyer want to refund

Hello sir, client want to refund after the complete the order with positive rating…is there any way to refund him…
the order no is
I am trying to tell him this not possible to refund him …but he don’t wants to hear anything …he told me that he going to report to fiverr against me…help me out plz


If you did the job your were paid for you must not refund the order.
If you are 100% sure that everything is ok, report this buyer to CS.


Thanks for the reply …send me any link , I don’t know how to report

Any link? What do you mean?

I don’t know how to report, can you help me out

You can contact CS here

Best wishes!

then, which option i should go

I am sorry, I cannot guide you through the entire thing… Use your common sense and pick whichever option you think best fits your situation.

You have to be intuitive enough, you should know how to do these simple things, please check those options carefully, it will be easy, create a ticket for getting support.

Write the subject and description and submit.


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