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I need an answer, please. A buyer wants to hair me for a video editing job. He agreed on $65 for this job. I’ve sent him an offer of $65 but he says that Fiverr shows $93.I searched that only 5% charges for buyer fee but Fiverr show $93 to him on my offer of $65. What are the charges for the $65 offer? how much my buyer pay to Fiverr to buying my video editing service of $65 .and what is issue going on please check and resolve me and my buyer are worried. attached file for better understanding.

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He need to check the currency it’s displayed in.

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Are there maybe extras included in your offer?

no sir i only send $65

but my buyer say that first time fiverr show this .

Ok let me try to explain one more time because “first time show this” have nothing to do with currency: you are sending your offer in USD but your buyer might see in in a different currency, it can be Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, Singaporean dollar etc. And of course with a conversion to a different currency the amount will be bigger on your clients side.
You can also ask him to make a screenshot of it.

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Thank you so much for your help. I asked to my buyer please check currency and accept my offer of $65 USD.

i remember that your currency and your buyer currency is not same here, so you need to find out currency value in your both country,then again sent him your custom offer