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Buyer wanting to cancel before filling out requirements


I have a buyer that purchased my gig and then immediately opened a dispute. They said it was a mistake. They haven’t filled out the requirements for it yet so my count down clock its ticking. Will this negatively affect my gig if i accept the dispute? otherwise i wanted to know if customer support could remove it? Any info would be helpful.

Much Love


You can just accept and cancel.
If the buyer made a “mistake” there is no other way to go around.
You shall write “the client ordered by mistake” in the cancellation options.
That option should not bring anything negative to your Gig… but that’s just what they say…


In the past this has happened a lot to me, and I don’t know about you but in my case, the buyers were mostly competitors who wanted to “learn” how I setup my gig’s instructions so that they can copy them :unamused:


You might mean “is NOT ticking”.The countdown doesn’t start unless the buyer submits the requirements. I’ve also heard that canceling an order due to mistake at an early stage doesn’t affect your cancelation rate but again, who knows?


i contacted customer support and they totally hooked me up and cancelled the order!!! Sweet!